[cisco-bba] 7200 - LNS -> cpu question

Corbett Nelson (cornelso) cornelso at cisco.com
Fri Feb 27 11:19:18 EST 2004

>We have 80/30 mbps for atm and 30/80 mbps for eth. Do we need to count
all the virtual
>access interfaces' traffic too?

So that is 110 Mbps total BiDirection traffic.

>Ospf is set to passive for VT.
>LAC is a Juniper ERX1400.

Does the ERX set udp checksums? If so, you will want to ignore them on
the Cisco.
The command to do this is vpdn ip udp ignore checksum.

> Input data
> ----------
> 2000 L2TP sessions terminated
> netflow running on all input/output interfaces
> ospf running
> MQC (policy-map) per-user
> no fragmentation problem
> compression disabled
> cef enabled
> multicast (sparse) enabled on 5% of sessions
> 80 mbps input/30 mbps output traffic per interface (x2 for total)

I have never run Netflow on all interfaces in this scenario so I don't
know what the impact on your CPU load would be. Do you know what the
distribution of packet size you have coming across the interfaces? What
version of IOS are you running?

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