[cisco-bba] L2TPv2 and v3 on Cisco....

wright.james at tiscali.co.uk wright.james at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jul 9 08:28:50 EDT 2004

hi folks

i am a trying to find some detailed information about l2tpv2 and l2tpv3
on cisco equipment. i have read just about all there is on www.cisco.com
but i really need more detailed info. i have found three books on amazon
that seem to cover l2tp:

1. Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks by Cisco Press

2. L2TP Implementation and Operation by Addison Wesley

3. PPP and L2TP by Prentice Hall

Any opinions or info on these?? Please advise... (don't want to waste my
money :)

Best regards,


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