[cisco-bba] Multilink PPP over L2TP

Ash Garg ash at telstra.net
Mon Mar 1 23:55:55 EST 2004

Guys, I have tested this variety of multilink and connectivity seem to be
fine. However I have a few questions:

1) Each session in the MLP bundle is given a virtual access interface. What
do the counters of this interface hold?

Standard Multilink Call
  Vi7        xxxxxxx   Virtual PPP (Bundle) 00:00:33
  Se1/1/3:27 xxxxxxx   Sync PPP                    -
  Se4/1/0:22 xxxxxxx   Sync PPP

L2TP Multilink Call

  Vi3          xxxx at xxxx PPPoVPDN     00:01:19
  Vi4          xxxx at xxxx MLP Bundle   00:01:52 w.x.y.z
  Vi5          xxxx at xxxx PPPoVPDN     00:00:17
  Vi6          xxxx at xxxx PPPoVPDN     00:01:51

2) Each ppp session is authenticated against the radius server when it comes
up. How can you get the router to send multilink attributes (or something
similar) to the RADIUS server so that it does not allocate more dynamic IP
address from its local pool which don't get used?


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