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Lu Wen-yan oioi at cableplus.com.cn
Tue May 25 09:15:56 EDT 2004

Hello Prem,

I have a VPDN server used for dialin some MPLS VPN..The server works fine.It authenticate the user via Remote RADIUS.The user's profile just include some basic configuration such as MPLS VPN configration under virtual-interface.
And i use domain name to differ different customer/VPNs.

I'm under this situation:
1.Some customer (VPN user )asked me to restrict the dialin user's IP range .Only a specific IP range  can dialin to the server and get access to the user's  VPN.
2.Other VPN/Customers need full IP range to dialin to the Server.

So is there any solution?
For example is there any AV-Pair  can do pre-authentication before the tunnel builts just like the "pre-authentication" in Call back?

Thursday, April 8, 2004, 8:55:20 PM, you wrote:

PA> Marko Milivojevic wrote:

>>>LAC Password = "cisco"
>>    Did anyone actually manage to change these passwords to something other
>>than "cisco"?
PA> You can change this using "vpdn tunn author pass <pass>" command for 
PA> tunnel authorization via radius

PA> Regards
PA> Prem

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