[cisco-bba] DSL resiliency over two 7200's

Mark Tohill Mark at u.tv
Mon Dec 5 05:13:15 EST 2005



Has anyone an opinion on the best way to handle the following scenario?


Two 7204VXR's (NPE-G1) terminating L2TP tunnels from Telco: Current
config below. Second box similar.


Telco suggesting we share inbound DSL sessions over Gig0/1 is shared
over two boxes. These ports are connected to  2 x 6500 GigE ports owned
by telco. Internally we have BVI1 hooked up to redundant L2 switches. We
had HSRP configured internally so this won't work. 


If we loose primary box, it would require manual intervention from telco
to transfer traffic to second box.


Any thoughts appreciated.


vpdn enable

no vpdn history failure cause normal

vpdn history failure table-size 50

vpdn ip udp ignore checksum


vpdn-group 1

 description VPDN-GROUP-1


  protocol l2tp

  virtual-template 1

 terminate-from hostname telco.domain

 source-ip y.y.y.x

 lcp renegotiation on-mismatch

 l2tp tunnel password password1


virtual-template 1 pre-clone 8000



interface Loopback0

 description VPDN Tunnel Endpoint1

 ip address x.x.x.y



interface GigabitEthernet0/1

 description GigabitEthernet To Telco_Box_1

 ip address v.v.v.w

 standby 222 ip v.v.v.y

 standby 222 priority 150

 standby 222 preempt



interface BVI1

 description Bridge-group for L2 to Router1-2

 ip address a.a.a.b

 standby 1 ip a.a.a.c

 standby 1 priority 150

 standby 1 preempt

 standby 1 track GigabitEthernet0/1 70


router bgp 1234

 no synchronization

 bgp log-neighbor-changes

 network v.v.v.0

 network y.y.y.0

 network b.b.b.0 mask

 neighbor v.v.v.a remote-as 5678

 neighbor v.v.v.a description Telco_Box_1

 no auto-summary


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