[cisco-bba] multilink over asymmetric links

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Fri Dec 23 07:59:43 EST 2005

We have some users using ppp multilink in order to join 2 adsl lines.
After some tests we found that some of them are having problems when trying to get more bandwidth, 
because the high-bw link doesn't get more bw than the low-bw link.
So if we have 2 links 2048 & 512, then the user gets around 1024 (512x2) and the 2048 link remains 
3/4 empty.

Is there a way of solving such a problem?

I guess multilink calculates its weight algorithm from the bandwidth of the joined links in some 
way, but i can't find a way of changing it under the per user virtual-access interfaces (l2tp).

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