[cisco-bba] Accounting to tunnel-switched sessions

Ran Liebermann ranmails at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 10:17:44 EST 2005

Hi all,

Recently we've upgraded our LNSs (7301's) from 12.3(5a)B to
12.3(5a)B4. Seems like a harmless upgrade, but for some reason there's
a side effect to that:
Our LNSs send RADIUS start accounting records on PPP sessions that are
This ofcourse is a problem because most of these users have a
limitation for a single concurrency record in the RADIUS, and some of
them are terminating at the end using completely different RADIUS
servers, thus this start-accounting blocks the option for a user with
the same username on my RADIUS to connect.

Does any one know if this has been reported as a bug (I didn't find
it), or is this a fix to a bug from 12.3(5a)B?
In any case - is there any feasible way to stop this behaviour without

Many thanks,

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