[cisco-bba] Cisco 10008ESR PRE2 - "ip tcp adjust-mss <value>" support?

A chris at akko.id.au
Mon Jun 27 04:37:00 EDT 2005

Hi list,
I've recently been advised by Cisco that the "ip tcp adjust-mss <value>"
command that we've previously used to great affect on our 7301s for working
around fragmentation and MTU issues in an LNS environment is not supported
on the Cisco 10008ESR-PRE2 platform that we had planned on eventually
upgrading to.

Our research has come up with a few (less attractive) possiblities for
working around these issues (some of which are documented here:
but due to the large number of clients/cpe that don't perform lcp
renegotiation correctly and the issues with pmtu discovery none of these
workarounds seems to be ideal when compared to having the LNS adjust the MSS
of TCP connections.

Have other SP's utilising the 10K platform run into this and how are you
working around these types of issues?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - Thank you.



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