[cisco-bba] Rate Limiting / Load Balancing Radius Requests

Benoit GRANGE Benoit.GRANGE at fr.tiscali.com
Mon Mar 14 06:08:39 EST 2005

Hi Paul,

> This causes the BRAS / LNS to send a flood of radius requests to the
> radius servers. Various bad things happen, including there being more
> than 256 requests at a time causing the radius-id to overflow, along
> with load issues on the radius servers, and clients who get auth
> timeouts.

you should definitly try

radius-server source-ports extended

on your BRAS or LNS. This seems to be implemented in 12.2T or 12.3.

When configured the router will use multiple source ports for UDP datagrams, creating new spaces for 256 requests. You radius server shall be able to cope with this, but try it first.

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