[cisco-bba] PPPoE with greater than 1492 MTU

John Edwards isplist at adam.com.au
Wed Mar 30 23:36:48 EST 2005


Is anyone aware of a broadband aggregation product that supports 
non-standard PPPoE with a full 1500 byte payload as opposed to the 
artificial limit of 1492?

I'm aware that this will create Ethernet frames larger than 1518 bytes, 
which is not an issue as the aggregation network supports jumbo frames.

I spoke with a Cisco engineer last year who believed that such a feature 
was forthcoming, although he has now left the company and everyone else 
I've spoken to is quick to recommend 'tcp adjust-mss' as a workaround 
which doesn't appeal to me.

There's also an IETF draft on the subject:


John Edwards

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