[cisco-bba] MPF gone in 12.4?

Richard Licon (rlicon) rlicon at cisco.com
Mon May 23 23:18:37 EDT 2005


Please see: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios123/123newft/123limit/123y/123ym14/mpf123ym.htm


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Thanks a lot Dennis for your info.

Just one more question.
Does this 2nd cpu process everything the 1st cpu does? Or does it have a specific role, to process l2tp only?

For example...
will it provide any help on QoS?
will it provide any help on netflow?
will it provide any help on acl parsing?
will it provide any help on routing/forwarding?

Dennis Peng wrote on 23/5/2005 10:53 μμ:

> Tassos Chatzithomaoglou [achatz at forthnet.gr] wrote:
>>Dennis, i suppose this special release will be a B one.
> It will be one of the X/Y releases, like 12.3(7)XI.
>>Do you know if there are any performance improvement numbers (ex. +30% sessions) for LNS functionality?
> The 2nd CPU doesn't help to scale the control plane, so you are still 
> limited to 2-16k sessions depending on your CPU type. However, the 
> data plane forwarding performance has increased, so if you were CPU 
> limited because of your traffic profile, you will probably be able to 
> increase the number of sessions you can terminate for a given traffic 
> pattern.
> So say you had a NPE-G1 which could do 100kpps of L2TP traffic and 
> your users averaged 20pps. The NPE-G1 could do 16k sessions, but the 
> CPU would only support 5k sessions before maxing out. Say we doubled 
> the performance with MPF to 200kpps, then theortically, you could do 
> 10k sessions at 20pps each. BTW, I don't really know how much 
> improvement we are publicly advertising in regards to MPF, so I don't 
> want to set the wrong expectation. I guess you'll know soon enough. :)
> Dennis
>>Dennis Peng wrote on 10/5/2005 2:41:
>>>MPF in 12.4T will support both LAC and LNS. It will also be available 
>>>sooner in a special release.
>>>Tassos Chatzithomaoglou [achatz at forthnet.gr] wrote:
>>>>Do you know if it will have any impact on LNS functionality or just 
>>>>on the LAC one?
>>>>Dennis Peng wrote on 10/5/2005 12:30 ????:
>>>>>MPF will be in 12.4T eventually and will support the NPE-G1.
>>>>>Martin [nytral+puck at gmail.com] wrote:
>>>>>>is MPF gone in 12.4 or just not there yet? It's still not showing 
>>>>>>in the feature navigator, nor it's been expanded to support 
>>>>>>NPE-G1, so is it safe to plan growth based on its use?
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