[cisco-bba] Client initiated L2TP and control channel passwords

Gaurav Sabharwal gaurav at inwire.net
Mon Aug 21 05:43:17 EDT 2006

I am building a CVS application for CPEs that use client-initiated 
tunneling feature. IOS version is 12.4(6)T3. The l2tp-class is 
configured as below:

l2tp-class l2tpclass1
  password 7 15180D015037812E70

The password string changes at a regular interval. I have two questions 
w.r.t the password changes.

1) Why does it happens? I have not seen this happening on other 
passwords that use encryption type 7. I could not find any references to 
this in "L2TP Control Channel Authentication Parameters" documentation.

2) Is there a way to stop this behavior? Currently there is a diff. 
generated even though the actual configuration has not changed because 
of the change in password string.

- Gaurav

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