[cisco-bba] Working DSL aaa Config using Tacacs+ Authentication

Neilrey Espino Neilrey.Espino at FundSERV.com
Fri Feb 17 09:28:37 EST 2006

Hi Guys,

I am very grateful for this site. Thanks to everyone who helped.

I just wanted to share my working  config,,,,please see below:


user = neilrey at mydomain.com {
        chap = cleartext neilrey
        service = ppp protocol = ip {
        default attribute = permit
        addr =

On LNS :

aaa authentication ppp default group tacacs+
aaa authorization network default group tacacs+
aaa accounting network default start-stop group tacacs+

tacacs-server host
tacacs-server directed-request
tacacs-server key !@#$%^&*()

interface Virtual-Template1
 mtu 1492
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 no peer default ip address
 ppp authentication chap



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