[cisco-bba] Sample LNS and Client Router configuration

Kristofer Sigurdsson kristo at ipf.is
Thu Jan 19 04:39:05 EST 2006


On the LNS, you need to create a VPDN group to terminate
the connection:

vpdn-group Telco-DSL-LNS
  protocol l2tp
  virtual-template 1
 terminate-from hostname <Telco-LAC-hostname>
 local name Telco-DSL-LNS-hostname
 lcp renegotiation always
 l2tp tunnel password <tunnel password>

As you can see, the VPDN group references a virtual-template, which
is a template for the virtual-access interfaces that will be your
customer's access interfaces.  You need to create this virtual template:

interface Virtual-Template1
 description Telco DSL
 mtu 1492
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 no peer default ip address
 ppp authentication pap chap ms-chap Telco-DSL-AAA
 ppp authorization Telco-DSL-AAA
 ppp accounting Telco-DSL-AAA

Here, you reference AAA groups, Telco-DSL-AAA, for authentication,
authorization and accounting.  This configuration leaves it to
the AAA server (RADIUS/TACACS+) to decide the client's IP address,
if you don't want that, you can remove the "no peer default ip address"
and put in a reference to a local IP pool.
Also, this configuration uses the loopback0's IP address as an IP for
for the virtual access interfaces facing the customers.

You need to create the AAA groups:

aaa authentication ppp Telco-DSL-AAA group Telco-RADIUS
aaa authorization network Telco-DSL-AAA group Telco-RADIUS
aaa accounting network Telco-DSL-AAA start-stop group Telco-RADIUS

The AAA groups all reference the same RADIUS group, Telco-RADIUS:

aaa group server radius Telco-RADIUS
 server-private <radius IP 1> auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 key <key>
 server-private <radius IP 2> auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 key <key> 
 ip radius source-interface Loopback0

That's about it for the LNS.  Regarding the client, these might help
you out:


On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 18:04 -0500, Neilrey Espino wrote:
>         Hi Guys,
>         We have just closed a deal with our telco to use a DSL
>         infrastructure and replace our remote offices which uses the
>         ISDN.
>         As a starter, We highly appreaciate if someone could send us a
>         sample config for the LNS router and a cisco client router.
>         We just wanted to get some ideas on how the configuration
>         would look like.
>         Many thanks in advance. 
>         ________________________________ 
>         Neilrey 
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