[cisco-bba] l2tp failover and loadbalancing

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Fri Jan 27 04:48:04 EST 2006

Raj Panchal <mailto:raj.panchal at vsnl.co.in> wrote on Friday, January 27,
2006 7:57 AM:

> Thanks Oliver ...
> Last question !!
> What would be ideal situation as per RFC for triggering load
> balancing or failover across the multiple end points.
> This would help me designing my test case.

I don't understand the question, can you please elaborate?

I think it boils down to your environment. what do you want to achieve?
In a simple case, just load-share across all your LNS, and you'll be
happy. You can use a vpdn session-limit on the LNS  to limit the # of
sessions in case they are not all of the same capacity to prevent some
LNS from being overloaded..


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