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Clayton Zekelman clayton at mnsi.net
Mon Jan 30 23:52:01 EST 2006

1) No

2) NRP1 has roughly the capacity of an NPE-200.  NRP2 is roughly an NPE-300.  I have a few of these boxes still in production, but a better choice is a G1 based router such as a 7301 or 7200 series with an NPE-G1, which is what we're moving towards.

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Subject: [cisco-bba] Cisco 6400
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>Hi All,
>Just 2 quick questions.
>1) Do NLC-2DS3-BNC (line card for Cisco 6400) support E3 line speed of 
>2) What think about  6400 platform for BBA over Cisco 7200?
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