[cisco-bba] PPPoE Stability

Robert Reichel rreichel at net-metrix.net
Fri May 5 14:24:34 EDT 2006

We have Cisco 7200's aggregating PPPoE, Paradyne DSLAMs and Starbridge and
Paradyne DSL Modems running in the field.  We are looking for a way to make
this solution more fault resilient so that CPE's recover without a reboot
when we need to clear the sessions on the routers.  Below is our pppoe
config from the router.


vpdn-group pppoe


  protocol pppoe

  virtual-template 1

 pppoe limit per-mac 20


interface Virtual-Template1

 description *** PPPOE Virtual Template ***

 ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/1

 ip access-group 177 in

 ip access-group 177 out

 no ip redirects

 ip mtu 1492

 no ip route-cache cef

 ip mroute-cache

 peer default ip address pool pppoe-pool1 pppoe-pool2 pppoe-pool3

 ppp authentication pap


Does anyone have any suggestions for changing any parameters to allow the
CPE to recover on their own?





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