[cisco-bba] SSG login access webpage page appear in PPPoE login

Kenny Low low.kenny at pacific.net.sg
Wed May 10 21:30:50 EDT 2006


For your kind attention, please advice.

Problem description for PPPoE user
Observed access webpage (from SESM) appeared when there is no internet
activity for sometime.
Able to access Aztech 600EW CPE interface while access page

Some of the PPPoE users are redirected to open garden (SESM) when a idle
timeout is initiated by SSG.

SSG - All unauthenticated hosts will redirected to SESM
Radius Server - Timeout value is 1 hours (3600 secs).

Problem in SSG
As for the idle timeout, SSG did issue two radius accounting session &
service stop packet.
SSG did not terminate the session marked as inactive.

sh ssg tcp-redirect mappings
Authenticated hosts:
No TCP redirect mappings for authenticated users

Unauthenticated hosts:
TCP remapping Host: to server: on port:8888
Total number of hosts with mappings: 1

sh ssg host user | inc inactive
117: (inactive) Host name: user at abc.com -->> redirected to open
### Total HostObject Count(including inactive hosts): 1

Result - PPPoE user "user at abc.com" is redirected and will see the the access

Thks with regards,

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