[cisco-bba] High TCP packet loss over ATM

Mark mac at telvia.it
Sat Nov 4 13:57:06 EST 2006

Hi ,

i'm getting crazy about the problem below.

We aggregate xDSL customers using PPP (PPPoA or PPPoE) over PA-A3 ATM 
Now, some customers are experiencing very high tcp packet loss but when 
we test ATM (with ATM OAM pings) we don't see any packet loss. It is 
possible that it is a problem on the router? Only some customers are 
experiencing the problem. We tried anything on the router (delete pcv, 
change PPP type etc) but problem persist.
I'm pretty sure that problems are on ATM provider, but on ATM side what 
i need do check? ATM Buffers? ATM Errors? My ATM provider say that ATM 
ping are enough to check that ATM network is working well but I'm sure 
that problems are atm related. Maybe a IOS Bug?

Thanks for any help

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