[cisco-bba] PPPoE connections that won't clear.

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Tue Apr 17 12:21:23 EDT 2007


Yes, of course. =) Sorry that I didn't mention the obvious.

I also tried 'no interface Vixxxx', but that was rejected.


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Frank Bulk wrote:
> We have a Cisco 7206VXR with an NPE400 running c7200-is-mz.122-26.bin.  I
> have about two dozen PPPoE connections that won't clear.
> Router#sh user | inc Vi.*             Virtual
>   Vi2025                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    51w4d
>   Vi2292                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    46w4d
>   Vi2457                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    14w0d
>   Vi2526                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )     3w6d
>   Vi2531                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )     6w4d
>   Vi2546                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )     1w0d
>   Vi2565                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )     3w4d
>   Vi2566                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    2d18h
>   Vi2588                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )     2w1d
>   Vi2593                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    1d14h
>   Vi2594                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    2d18h
>   Vi2597                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )     3w3d
>   Vi2598                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    2d20h
>   Vi2599                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    2d16h
>   Vi2602                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    2d18h
>   Vi2604                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE ) 11:08:36
>   Vi2607                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    1d00h
>   Vi2608                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    2d00h
>   Vi2614                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    1d02h
>   Vi2615                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )     1w4d
>   Vi2792                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    5d20h
>   Vi2808                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    4d18h
>   Vi2810                  Virtual PPP (PPPoE )    2d18h
> Anything I can do, besides reloading, to clear them out?
> Regards,
> Frank
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Have you tried "clear interface vi2xxx" ?


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