[cisco-bba] terminating l2 ADSL customers

Stavros Patiniotis stavros at staff.esc.net.au
Tue Feb 27 17:39:05 EST 2007


> Thanks guys for your suggestions. Know I can see vpdn traffic coming 
> throw and the tunel is forming with a tunnel id but for some 
> reason the 
> tunnel is breaking up. this keeps looping . Can you please suggest me 
> where i am going wrong or can u point me through the right direction. 
> following is the debug information for debug l2x-event. Any 
> help is much 
> appreciated.

(I haven't closely analysed your debug)

Telstra's has configured to drop the tunnel if there are no active session
across it. So you may be bringing up a tunnel, by the initiation of a ppp
session, but because you are not authenticating successfully the tunnel is
torn down.  Are you seeing the radius attempt to authenticate your session?
Try debugging some radius/aaa info. You should also note that it may take a
couple of simultaneous logins to bring the first session up, because the
tunnels seem to take a little while to become active.

Stavros Patiniotis
EscapeNet ~ 08 8292 5200 

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