[cisco-bba] Problem between LNS and Radius-Server

Thomas Koeppe thomas_k_1 at gmx.net
Mon Oct 15 07:08:38 EDT 2007


we're running a c7204 as lns to terminate PPPoE users comming in via
l2tp. Authentication and accounting is handeled by radius. Sometimes
after 1 day, sometimes after 3 days all ppp sessions gets down, no
re-login is possible.

At this time i see many errors in radius.log like "Error: rlm_radutmp:
Logout for NAS lns1 port 233, but no Login record"

After reloading the cisco all works fine for 1-4 days.

Any hints ?


lns1#sh run | i aaa
aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default group ourradius local
aaa authentication ppp Upstream-AAA group ourradius
aaa authorization network Upstream-AAA group ourradius
aaa accounting delay-start
aaa accounting network Upstream-AAA start-stop group ourradius
aaa session-id common

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