[cisco-bba] Cisco 7301 as LTS With Hundreds of Domains

Gareth Campling gareth at griffin.com
Tue Apr 8 10:21:16 EDT 2008


We currently have 8 x 7301'S running as LTS's to terminate ATM from
carrier and switch the tunnel to 
3 LNS (2 as primary using priority 1 and backup using priority 2)

Copy of config below

<< From carrier >>

vpdn-group IN-FROM-CARRIER
  protocol any
  virtual-template 2
 terminate-from hostname XX-XX-XX
 lcp renegotiation on-mismatch
 l2tp tunnel password 0 XXXXXXX


vpdn-group OUT-TO-LNS
  protocol l2tp
 domain 1
 domain 2
 domain 100
 domain 300
 initiate-to ip priority 1
 initiate-to ip priority 1
 initiate-to ip priority 2
 local name OUT-TO-LNS
 l2tp tunnel password 0 XXXXXXX

We now have about 300 domains, so the config is very long with every
domain listed in there becomes a nightmare to manage, so my question is
Any way to put a wildcard * domain into this tunnel (the box only has 1
request-dialin vpdn group) so that all realms received from carrier and
tunnelled to the LNS's

Thanks in advance


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