[cisco-bba] Cisco as L2TP Access Concentrator (LAC)

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Tue Mar 4 09:04:23 EST 2008

Rado Vasilev <mailto:rado at dev.magnet.ie> wrote on Tuesday, March 04,
2008 2:47 PM:

> Hi Oliver,
> I added the global configuration command ``vpdn multihop'' but that
> didn't help.
> Did you mean to recommend some additional command(s) under the
> vpdn-group too?

Well, I meant to configure a pppoe vpdn-group (or bba-group, depending
on version) and a virtual-template just as you did initially (you
mentioned that you successfully terminated the pppoe sessions on the
7200). This is required to accept pppoe sessions. The "vpdn multihop"
along with the addtl. vpdn-group will take care of L2TP forwarding. 
So the 7200 will act as LNS as well as LAC (sometimes referred to as
"multihop LNS")..

you might want to consider upgrading to 12.3M or 12.4M to get addtl.
functionality for this type of application..



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