[cisco-bba] VACL question

Andy Saykao andy.saykao at staff.netspace.net.au
Tue Mar 18 21:15:58 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,
Playing around with VACL on a 6500 and trying to capture port 80 traffic
on vlan 11and send this to capture port g5/1.
My config is below. It's basically taken from a guide by Cisco.
My problem is that we aren't seeing any traffic being captured on the
capture port.
We aren't seeing any counters increasing when viewing the extended
access list of HTTP_TRAFFIC and VLAN11_TRAFFIC - BUT if we accidentally
remove HTTP_CAPTURE 20 (permit ip any any), out network dies because
it's now only letting WWW traffic through so I'm thinking the VACL is
working but for some reason it's not sending captured packets to the
capture port. Any ideas???
1/ Define the interesting traffic.
ip access-list extended HTTP_TRAFFIC
permit tcp any any eq www
ip access-list extended VLAN11_TRAFFIC
permit ip any any
2/ Define the VLAN access map.
vlan access-map HTTP_CAPTURE 10
match ip address HTTP_TRAFFIC
action forward capture
vlan access-map HTTP_CAPTURE 20
match ip address VLAN11_TRAFFIC
action forward

3/ Apply the VLAN access map to the appropriate VLANs.
vlan filter HTTP_CAPTURE vlan-list 11
4/ Configure the Capture Port.
int g5/1
switchport capture allowed vlan 11
switchport capture

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