[cisco-bba] Which IOS?

Christopher Hunt chunt at reachone.com
Sat Nov 15 23:22:42 EST 2008

we run MPLS with the G1, 1GB RAM, PA-A3-T3, PA-MC-TC and several 
thousand PPP connections, full BGP tables etc. We use 12.4(19)T2. It's 
been fairly solid (maybe 3 reloads in 2 years on 6 chassis), but is 
definitely loaded with features we don't need.

Frank Bulk wrote:
> After several months of patience involving two early a.m. maintenance 
> windows and two test builds I’m now much closer to getting a 
> catastrophic bug affecting us in 12.2(31)SB11 resolved. From the crash 
> dumps Cisco was able to identify an issue with using an external DHCP 
> server under high usage loads (i.e. when downlink to all customers 
> flaps). After a little urging Cisco took the time to replicate the 
> environment so that now they are able reproduce the issue within 10 
> minutes.
> Frank
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> I wanted to use 12.2(31)SB11, but a severe bug prevented me from doing 
> so, so I’m actually using 12.4(19b) and it’s running just peachy. But 
> I’m not needing FR T-1’s or VRF-lite.
> Frank
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> Hello,
> I am wondering what IOS people are using or would recommend for the 
> following setup:
> 7206VXR NPE-G1, 1GB RAM, mix of PA-A3-T3 & PA-A6-T3 cards doing PPPoA 
> and a few FR T1's in a service provider environment. The biggest 
> feature I need is VRF-Lite, but thats pretty common? No MPLS etc 
> (Though perhaps in the future?).
> I'm currently using the 12.2.(31)SB train, and with around 1500 active 
> sites.
> Does that sound right, or is it time to move to a 12.4 mainline?
> Thanks in advance
> -dlists
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