[cisco-bba] Which IOS?

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Tue Sep 2 14:28:49 EDT 2008

I wanted to use 12.2(31)SB11, but a severe bug prevented me from doing so,
so I'm actually using 12.4(19b) and it's running just peachy.  But I'm not
needing FR T-1's or VRF-lite.




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I am wondering what IOS people are using or would recommend for the
following setup:


7206VXR NPE-G1, 1GB RAM, mix of PA-A3-T3 & PA-A6-T3 cards doing PPPoA and a
few FR T1's in a service provider environment.  The biggest feature I need
is VRF-Lite, but thats pretty common?  No MPLS etc (Though perhaps in the


I'm currently using the 12.2.(31)SB train, and with around 1500 active


Does that sound right, or is it time to move to a 12.4 mainline?


Thanks in advance



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