[cisco-bba] Cisco LAC - Shaping per DSLAM / VLAN

Victor Lyapunov victor.lyapunov at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 15:23:27 EST 2009

Hello all

I have been trying to experiment with Cisco routers taking up the role
of LAC. I would like to be able to shape the
aggregate traffic of all the users belonging to the same DSLAM down to
a specific rate (only the downstream traffic
flowing from the router towards the DSLAM). All the users belonging to
the same DSLAM are serviced by one
dedicated VLAN. So all their Virtual-Access interfaces are created on
top of the same 802.1q subinterface.

In order to shape the aggregate traffic of each DSLAM I plan to apply
a policy-map to every GigE subinterface.

policy-map SHAPE_DSLAM

 class class-default
  shape <DSLAM_RATE>

I am not sure if the amount of traffic assigned to the VLAN using this
policy is going to be redistributed fairly
among the PPPoE sessions of the corresponding DSLAM.

The question is: when shaping is applied to a GigE subinterface, is
the bandwidth allocated fairly to every
Virtual-Access subinterfaces that are created on top of it
?(regardless of the amount of incoming traffic for
each PPPoE session?)

If not do I need to apply a policy map for each user interface to achieve this?

Any help is wellcomed.

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