[cisco-bba] ERX terminate reason "lcp peer renegotiate rx conf ack"

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Fri Feb 20 03:33:12 EST 2009

Victor Lyapunov <> wrote on Friday, February 20, 2009 09:05:

> Hello all
> I have a question regarding Juniper ERX routers, providing PPPoE
> service to broadband users.
> In the radius accounting files we see many PPPoE sessions with
> terminate-reason = "lcp peer
> renegotiate rx conf ack".
> Does anyone know what can cause a session to terminate so that the ERX
> generates this as a terminate reason?

well, this is a Cisco list (and I'm a Cisco employee), so I can only
speculate that the LCP options negotiated between client and LAC are not
compatible with the config on the LNS/ERX.. If this was a Cisco LNS, we
would require "lcp renegotiation [on-mismatch|always]" to be configured,
otherwise we would drop the session (much like the ERX?)..

But this is pure speculation :)


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