[cisco-bba] To Shape or Police DSL Subscribers ??

Andy Saykao andy.saykao at staff.netspace.net.au
Mon Sep 7 02:41:07 EDT 2009

Hi All,
Is it better to shape or police DSL subscribers that have exceeded their
quota or does it not matter which method you choose? We are currently
using CoA with policing but I've been asked to investigate whether we
should look at shaping instead of policing. My testing reveals that
policing is more bursty as seen below. 
*** Example with Policing ***
policy-map POLICE-TEST
  class class-default
   police 48000 9000 18000    conform-action transmit     exceed-action
drop     violate-action drop
Using: cisco-avpair = "ip:sub-qos-policy-out=POLICE-TEST"

Download speeds fluctuate between 5.2 - 7.6KB/sec. More bursty.
*** Example with Shaping ***
policy-map SHAPE-TEST
  class class-default
    shape average 48000

Using: cisco-avpair = "ip:sub-qos-policy-out=SHAPE-TEST"
Download speeds remain at constant 5.6KB/sec. Very little bursting.
Any pro's and con's to either method???

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