[cisco-bba] LNS IPv6 dual-stacked

Alexander Fossa alex.fossa at xifos.net
Tue Jul 6 15:52:03 EDT 2010


We're looking to deploy IPv6 across our DSL subscriber base, we are almost there with the configuration but are having issues with 'first hop routing'.

An Example traceroute:

AlexMacBook:~ alexfossa$ traceroute6 www.he.net
traceroute6 to he.net (2001:470:0:76::2) from 2a00:1990:1:1:226:bbff:fe03:c6a7, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
 1  2a00:1990:1:1::1  1.886 ms  1.729 ms  1.344 ms
 2  * * *
 3  xe-2-3-0-103.lon14.ip6.tinet.net  17.873 ms  15.415 ms  15.625 ms
 4  xe-1-1-0.lon10.ip6.tinet.net  15.301 ms  15.124 ms  16.474 ms
 5  10gigabitethernet1-1.core1.lon1.he.net  20.605 ms  23.679 ms  24.902 ms
 6  10gigabitethernet2-3.core1.ny4.ipv6.he.net  83.626 ms  93.947 ms
    10gigabitethernet4-4.core1.nyc4.he.net  83.690 ms
 7  10gigabitethernet5-3.core1.lax1.he.net  150.774 ms  147.256 ms  156.679 ms
 8  10gigabitethernet1-3.core1.pao1.ipv6.he.net  159.380 ms  152.882 ms  152.470 ms
 9  10gigabitethernet1-2.core1.fmt1.ipv6.he.net  155.702 ms  155.004 ms  168.266 ms

1st hop is my Cisco ADSL router here, 2nd should be the Loopback interface referenced to in the Virtual-template.

Here is my Virtual-Template and Loopback config:

interface Virtual-Template3
 mtu 1502
 ip unnumbered Loopback3
 ip mtu 1500
 ip tcp adjust-mss 1450
 no logging event link-status
 ipv6 enable
 ipv6 verify unicast reverse-path
 ipv6 ospf 1 area 0
 no snmp trap link-status
 no peer default ip address
 ppp max-failure 1
 ppp mtu adaptive
 ppp authentication chap
 ppp ipcp address required
 ppp link reorders
 ppp multilink
 ppp multilink fragment disable
 ppp multilink endpoint hostname

interface Loopback3
 ip address
 ipv6 address 2A00:1990:FEED:1::1/128
 ipv6 enable
 ipv6 ospf 1 area 0

Any help gratefully received.

Many Thanks,


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