[cisco-bba] To Shape or Police DSL Subscribers ??

Gerald Krause gk at ax.tc
Mon Feb 21 16:58:09 EST 2011

Am 21.02.11 21:24, schrieb Tony:
> --- On Tue, 22/2/11, Gerald Krause <gk at ax.tc> wrote:
>> Hi Tony,
>> on what kind of interface do you receive the L2TP/VPDN
>> sessions - GE,
>> ATM? I had no luck with any 'shape' or 'priority'
>> policy-map so far -
>> only 'police' works for me now.
> ATM.
> As a thought, have you tried to configure a "normal" GE sub-int and see what policies you can apply ? If a QoS policy won't apply then you might see why in the logs. You should also be able to debug why it's not applying the policy, but I don't know which debug that would be.

Hm, ATM - I might remember a cisco QoS document that state that there
exist some differences between VPDN sessions on ATM and GE interfaces in
conjuction with per-user QoS but I can not find the document at the
moment (I terminate myself the L2TP/VPDN sessions on a GE interface).

And I have already activated some debug options.

LNS#sh debug
General OS:
  AAA Authorization debugging is on
  AAA Per-user attributes debugging is on
  PPP authentication debugging is on
  PPP protocol negotiation debugging is on
  L2TP errors debugging is on
  SSS Manager errors debugging is on
  SSS AAA authorization event debugging is on
  SSS policy all debugs debugging is on
Subscriber Service Switch/Policy profile:
  Subscriber profile events debugging is on

But the logfile did not tell me anything special when a policy-map won't
be applied. Ok, still searching for some other doc's on cisco.com and
trying other configurations...


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