[cisco-bba] Imposing a rate-limiter for DSL users exceeing quotas

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 6 07:52:18 EST 2011


I have never had to do this myself, but I believe it can be done using RADIUS CoA:

There is also a post here with a brief example of how to go about it from a someone at Cisco:

Just sharing a couple of links I had kicking around, someone else might have some more concrete information on how to sort this out (and I could be totally wrong).

Best of luck ad feel free to share your solution for the archives once you get it working :)


--- On Thu, 6/1/11, Matthew Melbourne <matt at melbourne.org.uk> wrote:

> From: Matthew Melbourne <matt at melbourne.org.uk>
> Subject: [cisco-bba] Imposing a rate-limiter for DSL users exceeing quotas
> To: cisco-bba at puck.nether.net
> Received: Thursday, 6 January, 2011, 11:42 PM
> Hi,
> Is there an elegant way of imposing a rate-limit for users
> which
> exceed a download quota? We could manipulate a user's
> virtual-template
> on the LNS to add a service-policy (after forcing a
> reconnection), but
> this doesn't seem to be an easy or scalable method. I've
> briefly
> looked at Cisco's Service Control Engine (SCE) which may
> provide this
> and other functionality (e.g. DPI).
> Thanks,
> Matt


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