[cisco-bba] Cisco 7600 with MWAM as a LNS

Hitesh Vinzoda vinzoda.hitesh at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 05:43:58 EDT 2012


I am researching Cisco MWAM with Cisco 7600 for LNS deployment and have few
questions in mind, Hope some one had already worked on it or may be someone
from Cisco can tell me about it, as there are less resources available for
MWAM on Cisco website as well as Internet.

What we are trying to achieve here is traditional wholesale DSL where L2TP
tunnels are handed over to us and we provide them the PPP connections over
VPDN as well as some MLPPP stuff whenever required. I know that MWAM are
end of sale and are replaced by SAMI but still i believe they may fit our
requirement till Dec 2014 when the support for MWAM ends and later we can
move to some other Cisco Kit.

Here is the list of the features or services that we currently use on Cisco
7206 VXR acting as a LNS.

   1. PPPoVPDN
   2. OSPF
   3. VRF over DSL using Cisco Vendor Specific Attribute
   4. VPDN Multi-hop
   5. Multilink PPP
   6. AAA accounting periodic update
   7. PE-CE dynamic routing over PPPoVPDN or just per vrf OSPF/RIP/EIGRP
   8. Some basic subinterfaces for dot1q VLAN tagging to transit VRF's
   through the core.
   9. DHCP Proxy client

Are the above requirement can be accommodated with 7600 with MWAM. I would
appreciate if someone can shed some light on this and share their
experience as well as thoughts on this.

Thanks is advance

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