[cisco-bba] QoS Levels in ASR9K BNG Service

Alireza Soltanian soltanian at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 06:21:36 EST 2015


I am searching about QoS levels in ASR9K BNG service. As far as I
understood, ASR9K has four levels of QoS in BNG:

-          Inside Subscriber Session

-          Subscriber session overall

-          VLAN which the subscribers reside

-          Port which VLAN resides


Now the question is if instead of one VLAN we have QinQ VLAN, then can we
have separate QoS Level for Inner-VLAN and Outer-VLAN. It is obvious
Outer-VLAN will be the parent and Inner-VLAN will be child.


Thank you


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