[cisco-bba] LCP failing - any ideas?

Nathan Downes nathandownes at hotmail.com
Wed May 25 05:24:36 EDT 2016

Hi James,

Debug PPP packets I tried yesterday, the 7200 then died a fast death and
required a reboot :) may have been because I had telnet in. 

Turns out one of the providers could see mac addresses looping to them, and
we figured out the other provider has some issue in the network where
everything that goes out to them was coming back.  As they are both in same
vlan I set switchport protected on both cross connects so they can't talk to
each other, issues on first provider disappeared.  So now it's in the hands
of the other provider.

Still have customers out but at least it's not an unknown problem.   I'll
see what reason they come up with.

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Can you get out to to a CEP to run debugs their too, that would be really
helpful to compare against the central debugs from your 7200.

So the logs you have given so far it sem's the LNS is not receiving the
response from the CPE, but maybe the CPE isn't receiving the outbound
packets in the first place. This would help narrow down the problem domain.

Also if you do get to debug the CPE end, get more than just negotiation
"debug ppp nego; debug ppp authen; debug ppp packets; debug ppp error; debug
ppp subscr".

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