[cisco-nas] modem not negotiating when receive ANI on ISDN/PRI

Aaron Leonard Aaron at cisco.com
Tue Jun 14 14:30:46 EDT 2005

That's very odd.  The router shouldn't care what the
ANI is.

I'd get:

debug isdn q931
debug csm modem
debug modem

conf term
  service timestamp debug date msec
  modem call-record terse

Let's see what a good and a bad call look like.  Also
check "show run", "show ver", "show modem ver".




>Cisco 5300
>2 ISDN/PRI with ANI.  When a call comes in with ANI blocked then 
>connection establishes without problem.  If ANI is NOT blocked, the 
>modem will not initiate negotiation.  Sometimes the modem will 
>immediately return to onhook state.  Other times the modem will stay in 
>call setup for an indefinite period.
>My thought is that this is related to modemcap but could find no 
>supporting documentation.  Does anyone have a suggestion?
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