[cisco-nas] "show modem" output

Dennis Peng dpeng at cisco.com
Thu Mar 17 12:17:02 EST 2005

Sam [sam at logan1.loganet.net] wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Josh Duffek wrote:
> > If you reload the box, that is the equivalent of "flashing" them.  Might
> > want to give this a read:
> > http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/108/mica-hw-ts-17882.html
> Josh
> I had (2) 5248s that would come on and show many of the modems with a B in 
> the left margin (if I remember right...it's been a long time). 
> power-cycling them didn't fix that. re-uploading the modem code did.

These were Microcom modems or MICA modems? Microcom modems had flash
on the modem so we didn't upload the code when the box booted. But
MICA modems don't have flash and their code is uploaded when the box
boots. At least that is what I remember...

> Perhaps the code had gotten corrupt on the server...who knows. But it 
> worked for me. :)
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