[cisco-nas] Blocking CLID

Patrik Forsberg patrik.forsberg at dataphone.net
Sat Mar 26 04:06:35 EST 2005


I'm got a AS5300 sitting as a central NAS accepting calls from our
users. The problem I'm currently facing is that I've got some jerk
phoning in to my NAS and then cuts the line after like 20s. I would like
to block these in the NAS and after reading a few web-resources I
figured that a resource-pool could solve my problem. I did all, from
what I thought, nessesery configurations and enabled resource-pool. What
happend after that is that calls get acceptet but they dont seem to be
sent to the modems for some reason.
I'm using MICA modules for modems. For whatever reason the modems seem
to think of these calls as "bad" and those push the bad-counter up and
then end up reloading its firmware over and over again to try to fix the
issue. The problem is also that the calls aint identified as digital but
as speech and thos I had to block them on that level.

Can someone help me out with a "working" setup for the above
resource-pool configuration ?

Please help,

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