[cisco-nas] l2tp sessions to an 1841 and radius authentication

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Tue Nov 20 17:27:10 EST 2007

Maybe you're using a NOT unnumbered interface under the vpdn vtemplate?


John Ward wrote on 20/11/2007 11:54 μμ:
> Hi, i have been playing with an 1841 running 12.4(1c) IP BASE code and
> have it running quite ok.
> The issue is that i have some sort of limit on the number of
> simultaneous tunnel connections to the 1841.
> Once i've hit 15 sessions, it wont let any more onto the router.
> it is funny that it is 15 sessions exactly. Almost like a hard IOS
> limit on the feature set.
> Memory shows 77MB with 12 used and 64 free.
> the new connections connect, then simply disconnect and so it goes on.
> If i kill a few tunnels, then those that couldn't join, join and teh
> ones that have been reset cant.
> Question: what image/feature set should i be using for about 500 low
> bandwidth l2tp tunnels ( roughly 5Kbit throughput) as i cant seem to
> find any documentation on this.
> The only document i find is one which just says that the router can
> handle 500 or so connections ( i would imagine at a push with the wind
> blowing in the right direction, and if you have cheese on your bread
> ;) )
> Here is the only document i can find with the specs of the routers and
> their tunnel capacity.
> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6587/products_white_paper0900aecd8066d3f5.shtml

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