[nsp] 12.0(21)S3 or 12.0(22)S?

Clinton Work work@scripty.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:04:32 -0600

We're running 12.0(19)S2/S3 on our 7500s and 7206s without problems.

On the 12000s, basic IP routing (no ACLs) on 12.0(19)SX was pretty good. We're
having a lot of line card crashes and tag switching problems with 12.0(21)S2/3.
Mainly on the Engine 2, E3, and E4+ line cards.

12.0(22)S has a lot of new features from the ST series. I would recommend
caution and wait for 22S1 or 22S2.


On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 08:39:38AM -0700, Steven W. Raymond wrote:
> Have heard about generally good results from 12.0(21)Sx.  Cisco seems to
> have recently introduced 12.0(22)S and one of the main selling points is
> improved route processor backup failover durations.  I also note that
> the RSP16 and VIP6-80s seem to first be supported with 12.0(22)S.
> While all these new features may be neat, am more interested in
> demonstrated stability than features.
> Can anyone with experience with either offer their opinions of the code?
> Thank you
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