[nsp] Odd things with BGP and VRF

Steve Francis sfrancis@expertcity.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:49:03 -0700

Wondering if anyone can tell if this is even possible...

I would like to have routers peer with multiple ISP's, getting a full
routing table from each of them, and iBGP peering as normal.

Internally, I need another system to talk BGP to those routers, and not
just get the normal iBGP route updates that consist of the best path
that router would use, but all the paths it heard from all peers.  This
internal box is going to be doing all sorts of analysis of paths and
performance, and it needs the full views as presented by each provider.

I could try and get each provider to set up eBGP multihop to this box,
as well as our regular router peerings, but don't much fancy my chances
of achieving that.
So I was wondering if I can do want I want with VRF's: something like
have each external peer be in a different VRF, so that the tables are
kept separate, but have the internal machine peer with each VRF-bgp table.

Is that possible? Can you have BGP processes running per VRF?

And can one system possibly peer with more than one of them?