[nsp] enterprise-scale PIX log reporting

Brian Landers brian at bluecoat93.org
Fri Aug 1 00:13:36 EDT 2003

Scott P. Daffron wrote:

>So far the only thing that I have come accross that seems to offer this
>functionality would be the suite of products from NetIQ. Can anyone else
>recommend some other ENTERPRISE reporting tools for the PIX?
Take a look at NetForensics (http://www.netforensics.com) and the 
Cisco-branded version CiscoWorks SIMS 
Built on top of Oracle and lets you run all kinds of drill-down reports 
to the individual packet level.  Requires quite a bit of horsepower and 
(especially) disk space, but they have some interesting options for 
distributing the load over multiple servers.


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