[nsp] Cisco to non-Cisco vpn

Richmond, Jeff jeff_richmond at eli.net
Fri Aug 1 09:31:28 EDT 2003

Not familiar with that firewall, but I have a VPN setup between a 2611 and a
CheckPoint Firewall-1 Solaris box. There are several documents out on the
net that describe how to do this, so you might check one out and then just
adapt it to the Watchguard box. If you can't find the links, email me and
I'll dig through my bookmarks and find one for you...


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Sorry... It would be a Watchguard Firebox II firewall to a Cisco 1605r 

Voralt wrote:

>There is no "standard config" for IPSec.  The settings you need are
>to each device, so we would need to know what non-Cisco device you are
>referring to.
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>>Can someone point me to a document with the quickest way to set up a vpn
>>tunnel between a Cisco router with ipsec and a non-Cisco device?
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