[nsp] Fax Server / would analog voice ports pass Called Number ?

Ahmer Ghazi ghazi at sys.net.pk
Mon Aug 4 17:12:33 EDT 2003

Hi All,
I'm in the process of deploying an IP Telephony setup with the following detail:
2600 terminating ISDN PRI with DID
CM 3.3
Unity 4 unified messaging
VG248 Analog Gateway
I also intend to use Captaris, Rightfax fax server.
I was assuming that the fax server would talk over IP with PBX (Call Manager). From the documentation it seems like we would need dedicated fax lines on the fax server; could some one please confirm.
If I need to have dedicated fax lines then I have two options, either use the VG248 or use analog cards in 2600 type of IOS voice gateway.  I would like to know if both or any of these voice gateways will pass the Called Number (DNIS) to the Fax Server???
Passing the Called Number is important because based on those dialed numbers, Fax server will send the calls to the right mail box.
Your help in this regard would be highly appreciated.
Ahmer Ghazi

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