[nsp] PROM Cookie Corrupt???????

Mac Jones mac at telvia.it
Tue Aug 5 15:51:06 EDT 2003

Hi All,

  i have a some Cisco 827 that refuse to start giving these errors:

"WARNING: Cookie information is corrupt"

loadprog: error - Invalid image for platform
e_machine= 62 , cpu_type = 80

Cannot load "Flash:"

If I understand cookie information is where cisco write all information 
identity on the router (name, serial, rma, etc) and it's also used to 
determinate if ios image is right for the platform.

If i remember is possible to repopulate Cookie information but i need 
to go with "priv" on romon but to do that i need a password.

These routers are out of warranty and cisco asked a price higher of 
list price to repair. Being this error only a marginal problem 
(hardware is working good, the router "only" lost his identity) I ask 
if  someone has the same problem and the way to resolve it.

Maybe I can copy cookie information between identical routers? To do 
that i need priv password. I' possible to have this password?

Can some one help me with a suggestion?


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