[nsp] Multi-VRF BGP: Does it support unique BGP AS number per VRF?

William Chu william_w_chu at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 21:49:45 EDT 2003

Is it possible to put in unique BGP AS number under each customer VRF config 
in BGP? It's like creating multiple virtual customer BGP routers with each 
VRF having its own BGP AS number. Right now it seems like it can't be done 
(I am using IOS 12.3.1a) and all VRFs inherit the same BGP AS number that 
was defined under the global BGP process.

With Multi-VRF EIGRP (new in IOS 12.2.15T) I was able to enter unique EIGRP 
process number in a per-VRF environment. I wish I can do the same for 
Multi-VRF BGP.


William Chu

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