[nsp] mpls over bpvc

BALLA Attila atis at eik.bme.hu
Mon Aug 11 14:28:36 EDT 2003


  We wanted to migrate some connections from a 7500 to a gsr. These
connections were terminated via RBE on a PA-A3, so we had to use BPVC on
the gsr. The IP connectivity was working properly, but the mpls/vpn didn't
worked at all. The label distribution was ok, I checked the first and
second label in the stack. This problem is very similar to CSCdv91266,
which I met on the 7200/7500 platform with rbe, but I didn't find any
relevant bug about mpls over bpvc.
  The gsr runs 12.0(23)S3.
  Any hints?


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