[nsp] 2611XM, AIM-VPN/EP, 12.2 (17a)

andrew lattis cisco-nsp at naranek.org
Mon Aug 11 11:29:39 EDT 2003


i ended up going with 12.3.1a, or you may be able to find a special
release of 12.2 with support. check the above page for details.
12.3.1a has been running ok on that box for a few days now.

On 2003/08/11 09:14:24AM -0400, Mon, Daryl G. Jurbala wrote:
> Does anyone else know of an issue with (probably the whole) 2600 series
> with an AIM-VPN card not being detected under 12.2(17a) (ik9o3sy7)?
> Nothing reported in the release notes, but I have teh symptoms on at
> least two boxes at this point.  One was previously working (under and
> older IOS, I presume) and the other is a newly put in production box
> that I'm not as sure of.
> Thanks in advance,
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