[nsp] NSE-1 vs. NPE-400

Streiner, Justin streiner at stargate.net
Mon Aug 11 20:11:22 EDT 2003

The NPE-400s are pretty solid blades and they take up to 512 MB of RAM.  I
tend to stay away from the NSE-1 because of the cost and from past
experience, I still don't think Cisco has gotten PXF to work quite right.
That said, I do have a customer who has been using an NSE-1 for about a
year and it's been pretty stable for him, but also his configuration is
pretty 'vanilla'.

If you don't specifically need a -400 or an NSE-1, you can probably also
pick up reasonably well-fitted NPE-300s dirt-cheap.


> On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Temkin, David wrote:
> > I understand that, but the NPE-G1 isn't available used generally and it's
> > out of the price range for the current project I'm working on new.

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